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Deferral of Strata Building Bond Regime to 1 January 2018

The commencement of the strata building bond regime has been deferred from 1 July 2017 to 1 January 2018. This means that the regime will not apply if the construction contract (to carry out residential building work associated with a new strata scheme) was signed before 1 January 2018. The regime will apply if the …
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NSW Government to impose increased stamp duty and land tax surcharges on foreign persons (including foreign owned developers)

The NSW Budget Statement (released on 20 June 2017) has provided further details on how the increased stamp duty and land tax surcharges will affect foreign owned developers. To recap, on 1 June 2017, the NSW Government announced its intention to increase the surcharges as such: Summary Foreign owned purchasers of residential property will be …
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